about me

Apricot orchards, rolling hills with wine yards, narrow alleys and an old school building…

That was my childhood, that’s where it all started.

When no lessons took place, the quiet vast rooms of school were my fantasy realm that I filled with my own tales and imagination. Here I also found the magic of music and its quality as an expression for life – more than words could ever do. This idyllic and dreamy background of my childhood, the sensitivity for sounds and atmospheres, my nearness to nature and the Austrian language all mingled with the mystery of colors and light. To grasp the essence of life, I dig into my inner self and use all the means of creativity. I make pictures to communicate and connect people, no words needed.

While painting I free myself from burdens and ambition, calming down the anxieties of the past. And then everything comes to me, easy and full of life. Stories are depicted in color and on canvas. The secrets – the things that cannot be detected by our senses – all go into my art.

My pictures aren’t supposed to tell beginnings or ends. Their underlying meanings are versatile and numerous. When I paint I am free of all boundaries. Nothing is impossible.